Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kentucky Food: Wallace Station Deli and Bakery

You may have heard of Midway, an historic little railroad town in the center of thoroughbred horse country located right off of I-64 between Frankfort and Lexington. Downtown is packed with restaurants, but Wallace Station ,located on the outskirts of town, may be the most well-known if only because it was recently featured on the food channel's "Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives". It's really a little upscale to fit in any of those categoris; it's kind of a faux-dive, with gourmet burgers (at gourmet prices). Lots of Lexington folks like to visit at lunch as much to enjoy the horse-farm scenery on Old Frankfort Pike as to enjoy the food. The place has a horse-racing theme, with racing silks and farm logos everywhere, and food named afer famous horses and tracks. The service could be better; for a little place in the middle of rural Kentucky the staff is mostly hipster college-aged kids and not especially friendly. But although I think the place tries a little too hard to be an "upscale dive", the food is very good! They take a lot of care to get locally grown produce as much as possible, for instance. If you're there for lunch get the "Big Brown Burger", it's huge and fresh. Or, much, much better yet, make the trip out on Monday night for the fried chicken (although you better be early or they'll run out)!

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